Sunday, October 6, 2013

31 Days - Fall Fairs

This is my seventh year living in western Massachusetts, yet this is the first year that I've gone to the Garlic and Arts Festival in Orange, MA. I realized that this was likely to be my last opportunity to go to it (yay for grad school being almost over!), so I packed up the kiddo and drove north.

I think that Piper-girl would have been perfectly happy playing in the dirt of the corn-field-turned-parking-lot all day long, at least until she learned that she was going to RIDE A BUS! ("Buh! Buh! Ri Buh!" as she says.)

We got there just in time to catch the last few sets by the Irish dance troupe, so both Mommy and Toddler were happy. I love Irish dancing and Piper-girl seems to as well.

Hula hoops were next. We play with them whenever we visit Grandma and Granddad's house, so Piper-girl knew exactly what to do, except for how to stay out of other hoopers' ways. We didn't stay there for long.

I wonder which Piper-girl liked more: riding the bus or eating the caramel apple*?

*That thing was huge - she shared it with me and we still only made it through three-quarters of the apple.

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