Saturday, October 5, 2013

31 Days - Farmers' Market

We went for a walk and got a half-gallon of maple syrup and a package of maple candy too! Rather than taking a walk on our normal route, and then driving to the farmers' market after, we went the other direction on the trail and headed into town for the tiny Thursday afternoon farmers' market. It was a 2+ mile walk in each direction, so Piper-girl had plenty of opportunity to wear herself out. She had a great time, but don't tell her that she missed out on seeing horses that afternoon!

We picked up the maple syrup, wandered around the town common, and headed back home. The return trip involved retracing our steps exactly so that we could find the sock that she had taken off that had fallen out of the stroller. Yes, she took off her shoes and socks and put back on her shoes during the ride into town without me noticing. I'm not quite sure how that happened.*

[*Actually, I blame the combination on my shortness and her big head - her head blocks my view of her feet when she's sitting upright in the stroller.]

Although we live in hippy, crunchy-granola western Massachusetts, the farmers' markets around us aren't anything spectacular, but they are still fun to visit with a two-year-old along for the ride.

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