Wednesday, October 9, 2013

31 Days - Her First Food Mill Experience

Getting out the food mill stirs up very specific memories for me: a fall evening - it's dark outside - cooking apples on the stove and running them through the food mill to make applesauce with my mother. Pink applesauce, the only proper kind of applesauce. My food mill is one that I picked up at a yard sale (my mother still has hers), but it works just as well. And, what do you know, it's useful for other things in addition to making applesauce. Like tomato sauce from the tomatoes that we rescued from the garden.

I have to tell you - letting Piper-girl use the food mill was the easiest kitchen activity that I have done with her yet. It was easy for her to manage with only a little help from me, and there were no sharp or high-speed parts that I had to worry about. She didn't even get any sauce on her!

We're hoping to get to the apple orchard this weekend, so we might have another occasion to use the food mill. If so, I'm sure Piper-girl will manage make a proper mess to make up for the cleanliness with the tomato sauce.

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