Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 Days - Rice, Everywhere

Sometimes my ideas are not so great: Piper-girl enjoyed playing with rice so much at playgroup, why don't I get some out for her to play with so that I can get some work done?

Um, no. It was successful for maybe five minutes before Piper-girl started scattering rice everywhere. And Mommy was required to play with her. Playing alone is UNACCEPTABLE. Unless I'm not home - she'll let my husband get work done when they are home alone together.

The rice was scattered a lot more before I gave up and we cleaned up the mess. I should just stick with playing outside.

How do you teach or encourage your toddlers to play independently?


  1. Love this Mikaela! I wish I'd thought of it when my daughter was 2. Right in the middle it looks like a steaming cup of tea : )

  2. I had to laugh when I read this as I wast just contemplating getting out some rice for Mr 2 to play with this afternoon. Maybe not.... ;) Mr 2 likes to have me play with him for a good amount of time and then he is happy to play by himself for a while and so it goes. Sometimes I will also work alongside him - half heartedly play with him while I'm actually doing something else. It's a hard one to solve though, as some kids just need the people interaction and really don't enjoy playing by themselves.