Monday, October 7, 2013

31 Days - ZooBorns!

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This book might be in good condition from the outside, but the pages tell the truth - wrinkles and tears and taped-together pages are a sign of a book much loved by a toddler. A friend gave us ZooBorns! before Piper-girl turned a year old and the book is now one of our favorites. Piper-girl can name every animal in the book, from the gorilla to the wombat to the okapi. I learned that there exists an animal that looks like a cross between a zebra and giraffe (it's more related to the giraffe, though).

"The more you learn about animals, the more you too can help protect them," says the introduction to ZooBorns!. We're well on the way to learning about all sorts of animals. One of the times that we read the book today (it's been a frequent request the past couple of weeks), we searched online for other pictures of the animals in the book to learn what the adult versions look like. There is a great ZooBorns website with lots of animal stories and pictures and, of course, there are videos on YouTube. I haven't spent much time exploring either of those sites with Piper-girl, so I'm definitely adding them to my toddler-distraction arsenal.

I just added some of their other books to Piper-girl's Christmas list for her grandparents. She loves ABC books.

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