Wednesday, October 23, 2013

31 Days - Play Dough

We did it - we made play dough. I wasn't planning on making play dough yesterday, but the promised playground trip got rained out, so I had to come up with something to make up for that.

I used a recipe that uses vinegar instead of cream of tarter since I don't have any cream of tarter on hand. I was originally planning on making play dough some evening after Piper-girl had gone to bed and then pulling it out the next day to play. But, this was in impromptu experiment, so Piper-girl got to help make the play dough as well. Amazingly, she listened and followed directions! No burns! Of course, it helped that I had my hands on hers while she was stirring the play dough in the pot, giving her some additional stability.

We waited until the play dough cooled down enough to touch and then started smooshing it. The texture was a bit off, but I'm not sure if it was due to the recipe or to not letting it cool first. We'll have to get the play dough out again to see if there are any differences once it's completely cool.

It wasn't a trip to the playground, but I think that I managed to salvage the afternoon at least somewhat.

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