Friday, October 18, 2013

31-Days - Oo-Oo Monh-monh

Sometimes I need to pull out the big guns while the husband is at work. It might be because I desperately need to get work done, or it might be because we are exhausted and need a break from each other. On this day, a few weeks ago, we were very tired. We had done all sorts of things together that day, yet the afternoon still wasn't over. I decided to have a special treat and I popped some popcorn and turned on Sesame Street.

I think it's fitting that Piper-girl's favorite character is Cookie Monster (Oo-oo Monh-monh, as she says). Yep, that describes her personality quite well. I'm not certain, but I think that her second-favorite character is Ernie's rubber ducky.

Often the television will only keep her occupied for ten or twenty minutes, but she lasted almost a full episode on this occasion. Though I'm glad I took the pictures when I did, because not five minutes later she stripped completely naked. It's tough keeping clothing on a two-year-old.

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