Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I love you, too

It was such a trying day today. Piper-girl slept horribly last night, getting up at least four separate times after midnight. As a result, both she and I were very grumpy and prone to temper tantrums all day. I had a research group meeting this afternoon (during which time a fellow grad student watches Piper-girl), and we had to go grocery shopping afterward. Liberal application of the standard cookie bribe* made grocery shopping tolerable.

[*Atkins Farms has an amazing bakery, and it's our last grocery stop. If Piper-girl listens and follows directions well during grocery shopping, she gets a cookie that she can eat when we get home (or after supper if it's too close to suppertime). Mommy always gets a doughnut.]

The trip home from the grocery store gave Piper-girl a 15-minute nap, which was probably worse than no nap at all. Commence wailing, mostly on her part, subsiding only when I convinced her to eat by offering her half of my bean fajita instead of making her one of her own. We split two bean fajitas for supper - whatever works.

Bath time was good. There were a few temper tantrums after Daddy got home, but eventually Piper-girl's mood evened out.

I heard the two of them talking together when he was putting her to bed. Then Piper-girl came out and said, "Ya you, Mama."

"Oh, sweetie, I love you too."

"Ya you, too, Mama."

Today was a good day.

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