Tuesday, October 8, 2013

31 Days - Playing in the Garden

Hey, Mommy, do you see this big bowl?

I think we should put all of these leaves into it. Tasty!

We ventured forth into the soggy outdoors to pick tomatoes before the next rainstorm arrived. I let Piper-girl help with minimal supervision, since it's the end of the season so the green tomatoes that she inevitably picked probably wouldn't ripen anyway. She did unexpectedly well, picking mostly red and orange tomatoes instead of mostly green tomatoes, unlike the last time she helped with the harvest.

Trying to teach her the difference between basil leaves and tomato leaves was an exercise in futility since she was unable to reach the basil, yet wanted to help pick leaves.

This spider has had a several-foot wide web strung between the raised bed and marker in the ground since at least last Thursday. Sorry, spider, for not reminding Piper-girl to go around the web.

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