Thursday, October 10, 2013

31 Days - Playgroup

I'm horrible at making friends. The few that I have are awesome, but they all live many hours away from me (with the exception of my husband, of course, but he doesn't count for the purposes of this story). And I don't have any friends with kids the same age as mine (except for my sister, whom I am lucky enough to have as a friend, but she also lives many hours away from me). Anyhow, since I don't have any (near-by) friends, Piper-girl, by default, doesn't have any either. One of my goals is to try to make some friends this year.

Enter: playgroup at the library! One of the early childhood organizations in the area received a grant to start a play group at our library (yep - story time and playgroup are in the same room - we spend a lot of time in that room at the library). We missed the first week but have gone the past two weeks. The first week we were there had four kids show up and this week had about eight kids. In both cases, we already knew some of the other kids from story time at the library, so it wasn't all new faces for introverted Piper-girl.

[We've been calling Piper-girl our "baby anthropologist" since before she was a year old - she always needs to study new situations and people before she will join in any activity.]

Obviously, this playgroup is more structured than it would be if it were just a few friends and their kids getting together, but it's not as structured as story time. The playgroup organizer brings toys and activities and the kids can play with whatever they choose for an hour or so, then they have a snack followed by a story or two and a couple of songs. Piper-girl has been interacting with the other kids more during play group than during story time, presumably because it has been a smaller group.

If nothing else, I've learned that Piper-girl loves both play dough and playing in rice. I'll have to stock up my supplies at home so that I have more distractions available in my bag of tricks.

I have a question: how do you make friends?

Just because: fun pictures taken outside the library.

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