Monday, October 14, 2013

31 Days - Picnic at the Playground

I have learned that the day that Grandma and Granddad leave can be very rough for Piper-girl. Perhaps it has something to do with the departure of two people who spend hours upon hours playing with her, taking her to the playground every day, reading her numerous books, and letting her play with the iPad*?

[*"Granddad book," as Piper-girl calls it.]

Anyhow, I decided to take some initiative to try to head off the temper tantrums by filling the day with activity. We packed up some food, walked two miles to the playground, and enjoyed a picnic lunch of peanut butter sandwiches, apples, carrots, celery, and pretzel chips (a treat that Grandma brings with her and leaves behind almost every visit).

We decided to go to the playground on the other side of the school from the community playground. Piper-girl and the grandparents had checked out this one on Saturday and she wanted to go back to it. The color-coordinated clothing was unintentional.

I had checked out this playground last year, but at that point Piper-girl was too small for it. Parts of it are still a stretch for her legs.

We managed to spend almost three hours at the playground and were gone from the house for somewhere between 4.5 and 5 hours. Mission Minimize Temper Tantrums accomplished.


  1. Heading off post-Grandparents-visit tantrums are essential! Just had my in-laws leave today after staying with us for three weeks (after the unexpected 1 month early arrival of #2 child) and while thankfully 2 year old is having a nap, I'm currently thinking of what to do when he wakes up and discovers they have gone back to NZ! A trip to the park my be in order. I'm enjoying catching up on these posts :)

    1. Oh boy, it's always so difficult when the grandparents leave. We usually have several days of readjustment time, but I'm slowly figuring out how to make the readjustment period better.