Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days - Take a Walk

Taking a walk is, hands down, the easiest way to use up an hour or two each day. I let Piper-Girl walk for part of the walk so that she can wear herself out get some exercise and I push her in the stroller for part of the walk so that I can get some exercise too [and because I don't want the walk to last for four hours].*

We have three paths that we can follow, but we almost always take the path with the little barnyard at the end of it so that we can see the horse, pony, and chickens. "Hi, neigh; hi bo-ba; hi deb-deb."

If we're lucky, we'll see snakes and frogs on the way. If not, there are always rocks to carry. Apparently the rocks can get good cell reception. I learned today to keep Piper-Girl away from small rocks. Thankfully I was able to get the rock out of her nose by plugging up one nostril and having her blow her nose.

Today our timing was perfect to watch the train pass by on our way back to the house.

*Before you think, "Oh, that sounds so idyllic," the way I determine when she has to go into the stroller is when she stops listening. Today she spent far more time riding than walking.


  1. Oh I get that!! It does look lovely, but I get she had to ride a bit. My 3yr old rides a lot when we go places. It helps keep me sane ;-)

  2. Walks and fresh air are such a sanity saver for me too. I live in the Australian suburbs, but have the added bonus of having a large scale building site nearby which appeals to my 2YO engineer boy: diggers! cranes! trucks! Great learning opportunities without them realising it...

    1. My daughter loves watching construction sites as well. I'm a civil engineer, so I like them too. :)